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Looking for a smoke-free hotel in Myrtle Beach?

Jul 18 2013

Smoke Free Hotel in Myrtle BeachChoosing a smoke-free hotel in Myrtle Beach is an important vacation choice for many travelers. The reasons are obvious but especially as it relates to health and comfort benefits. Non-smoking accommodations and smoke-free public areas are major contributors to an environment of less nicotine exposure, less polluted surfaces, and cleaner fabrics in blankets, upholstery, and draperies. Clarion Hotel Myrtle Beach is a smoke-free facility and takes pride in the delivery of their resort product. Being a smoke-free establishment has become an enhancement for leisure vacationers, business travelers, and meeting attendees. It effects all age groups as well. At Clarion Myrtle Beach, there are designated outdoor areas on the ground level where smoking is permitted. However, it is restrictive within the entire building including balconies unless the balcony door is closed tightly to protect accommodations..

There has been an ongoing controversy throughout the hospitality industry about the effectiveness of a smoke-free facility in a resort area. It becomes the responsibility of the employees to help monitor smokeless policies onsite. Consequently, Clarion Hotel Myrtle Beach finds that it does not harm their business but it creates a better environment promoting good health. Thus, there is not a decline in customers as feared by some area business including hotels, restaurants, attractions, and bars.

As for second-hand smoke, it has been proven to cause cancer. This term refers to smoke from the burning end of a cigarette and smokes exhales by smokers. Once again, a strong health issue is being addressed and it is an advantage to be a smoke-free hotel in Myrtle Beach.

Through proper training, the Clarion Staff is very effective in presenting a smokeless facility to their guests. The “Comfy Rooms” and “Cozy Vacations” promoted by Clarion Hotel Myrtle Beach have been supported by their ability to be smoke-free.

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Located directly overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway, the Clarion Hotel® in Myrtle Beach is your home to access water sports, numerous top-notch golf courses and the vast stretch of beaches called the Grand Strand.

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